About me

   Vice-President of the Executive Council of the Republic (the Macedonian Government at the time), member of the Macedonian Delegation at the Assembly of Republics and Regions and member of the federal Government in three mandates in former Yugoslavia, when he led the negotiations of the Federation regarding the economic cooperation with the European Economic Community. He was ambassador of former Yugoslavia to Iraq.

   One of the founders of the Liberal Party and led it as President (1990-1997) up to the moment of the LP's merger with the former DP (Democratic Party), when he became President of the Council of the newly established political party. After the renewal of the Liberal Party of Macedonia in 1999, I was elected Member of its Executive Committee. Andov was elected President on the VII (Extraordinary) Congress of LP in June 2001 once again and was re-elected President of LP on the VIII Congress of LP in July 2004.

   During the first plural elections in 1990, I was elected Member of the Assembly and became Speaker of the Assembly in January 1991. During the second elections in 1994 was re-elected for M.P. and Speaker of the Assembly, position he had up to 1996. I was elected Member of Assembly on the National Elections in 1998 as well and was President of the Parliamentary Committee on monetary, credit policy and banking. In 1999, he was candidate for President of Republic of Macedonia. On November 30, 2000, I was elected Speaker of the Assembly once again and performed this duty up to September 2002.
Currently he is Member of Assembly, Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of LP in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia and President of the Permanent Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights of the Macedonian Assembly.